Navy Confirm: Trip Out

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 | 5 Comments

Benjamin Trip, the man convicted of drunk driving after crashing his car through the window of Art By The Sea, has been discharged from the Navy.

Commander Wilson Trumper confirmed the news in a letter to Mike and Linda Geers, owners of Art By The Sea. In the letter, Trumper makes it clear that the Navy was disappointed by the unremorseful attitude Trip adopted since the incident, reflected in his desire to maintain a not guilty plea up until the last moment.

Trumper also expressed frustration that despite already accruing two DIC convictions, Trip maintained an attitude that ensured he acquired another. Consequently, senior Navy personnel were of the opinion Trip was a recidivist whose behaviour they could not change. This view certainly matched that of the trial Judge, whose sentencing of Trip clearly reflected his view that Trip’s punishment needed to take into consideration Trip’s inability to appreciate the seriousness of his predicament.

Trip was banned from driving indefinitely, fined, ordered to attend alcohol counselling classes, given supervision and 120 hours community service.

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  1. Will he go as well says:

    Will Commander John Butcher get the axe as well? will they even raise the paper work like they would have done with Mr Trip? to start his admin release paper trail or will he hide down Wellington driving a desk for a few years or will he be promoted to driving a soup spoon full time at the Galley slide or maybe standing on a table in the mess hall saying ahoy ahoy I’m a naughty boy. He will re surface in a few years being promoted. but he should be kicked now people like that give the services a bad name no matter what rank they are, we tax payers should not have to pay for a clown to be in the services.

  2. Bond says:

    Good to see the Navy coming up Trumpers in this instance. Are they going to apply the same philosophy to Commander John Butcher? So far he has been relieved of his command, fined and reprimanded. But then he was only found ‘drunk in charge of a soup spoon’. Perhaps that doesn’t quite necessitate walking the plank… Seems like there are a lot of chaps though – and not just in the Navy – who don’t get it that REAL men know when to stop glugging martinis. Or beer. But I suppose NZ is going to be awash with the latter for the next couple of months. How very dull.

  3. GB says:

    Good job and long overdue! That should send a strong message to his mates!

  4. vpe says:

    Good. Don’t come back now.

  5. Ruth says:

    This is a great resolution. Mike and Linda Geers, and others, will feel vindicated by this responsible action on the part of the Navy.

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