Natty Knitting From Wharf Up For Sale

Posted by on Nov 03, 2011 | 1 Comment

Table_21 2011-11-03

The Knitty Graffity-iests have now listed some of the pieces on TradeMe, with the proceeds going to the Christchurch earthquake fund.

The most spectacular piece is of course the knitted Dan Carter. He is now attached to a piece of wood that is signed by (the real) Dan Carter and Richie McCaw. Some other listings are Squiddy and the wee Kiwi team (The Speculator’s personal favourite).

They were listed Thursday evening and the bidding has already started – so if you’re interested, click on the links below to take a look!

Or you can search TradeMe for ‘knitted Dan Carter’ and ‘Woolly Walk Along’ to find the auctions.

Dan Carter

Other Auctions

1 comment

  1. Thanks for posting this! Come on peeps, be generous for Christchurch!

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