More Daylight Burglaries In Devonport

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 | 1 Comment

Table_02 2011-11-18

The Speculator has learnt of at least two more burglaries in the last few days; one in Vauxhall Rd and one in Abbotsford Terrace. Both burglaries apparently were committed during the day. In one case, a garage was broken into and food stores were taken.

Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, bearing in mind that a lot of teens have finished school and/or their exams, and some of these little wretches have an eye for an opportunity.

1 comment

  1. Di Francis says:

    Have you also heard that Wigmores Pharmacy was broken into this week as well?
    This morning some nice (not so nice person)had thrown up outside my shop.
    It looked like the person or persons were having a competition to see how much they could throw up.
    Is it time we have some wandering security guards?
    Thats 3 burgularies in 3 weeks in the commercial centre, and now this.
    Why didnt they throw up in the gutter where they obviously belong.!

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