Minor Kerfuffle In Devonport

Posted by on May 16, 2011 | 2 Comments

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In an eventful trip to the Navy Museum over the weekend, the Speculator stumbled upon a minor gathering of what must be almost vintage Morris Minors.

Unfortunately equipped only with the BlackBerry, the lack of pixels and the weather conspired to produce a somewhat uninspiring series of photos, only one of which is worthy of exposure to the Speculator’s readers’ exacting standards.


  1. GT says:

    Still pretty cool shot… this is one of the ‘cool’ things about NZ. The old cars still look very good… It makes you feel you are back in time, especially when they are lined up…

  2. Ian Free says:

    A Minor Kerfuffle – No!
    Minor yes, but they do not look fussed or upset, rather prim and sedate. (A fuffle is a Scottish disorder.)
    What beautiful cars – thankyou.
    The Maltese Falcon

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