Made In Devonport: TVNZ’s Close Up Visits Mike Geers

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 | 2 Comments

Mike Geers on Close up

Mike Geers on Close up

TVNZ’s Close Up team were in Devonport last week to talk to Art By The Sea’s Mike Geers about New Zealand souvenirs being made overseas.

With the Rugby World Cup looming, the souvenir trade in Auckland is expected to boom and Close Up were investigating the extent to which the souvenirs available in shops in Rotorua and Auckland are made in this country (the answer was about 50%).

Mike, as an expert in New Zealand art and souvenir art, was asked for his opinion on a couple of items that claimed to be made of New Zealand product.

You can watch the documentary here.


  1. lynn says:

    congratulations on making a stand for NZ made and for pointing to the crux of the issue-the dumbing down of NZ culture where the primary concern is not the quality, nor the origins of an item but its cost; hence the appropriation and commodification of cultural identity for purely economic purposes which are not to our benefit

  2. GT says:

    Kia ora Mike

    Really great so see you on Close-Up.

    NZ has a lot of very talented artists; your gallery has a stunning collection of beautiful art. cheers, GT

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