Look Out: It’s Baby Bird Season

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A Speculator reader sent in this photo of a little 5 week old blue penguin which they rescued on Torpedo Beach last week.

They took it up to the SPCA Bird Wing lady (who is in Rothesay Bay) and left the little critter with her.  “This was the 5th Blue Penguin she had received that morning.  Apparently it is common for one of the chicks to be abandoned by its Mother…” reported the reader.

“Had we left it the chick would have died or been attacked by dogs.  The Bird Lady does a fantastic job and donations of money aside, she asked that donations of fish  (especially piper) would be much appreciated.”

There’s plenty of the little guys around in Devonport at the moment – and not just on the beaches. The Speculassie recently happened upon a baby sparrow that had fallen out of its nest in Windsor Reserve. Needless to say, 20 minutes later The Speculator found himself in his garage – under the tearful eye of the Speculassie – attempting to feed the little blighter a crushed snail.

The ornery ornis was having none of it however, and The Speculator was left to wipe the snail slime from his hands and the tears from his daughter’s face.

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