Let There Be Light! “Umm.” Replied The Council

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Allenby Ave, earlier

Allenby Ave, earlier

Residents of Albert, Vauxhall, Derby, Burgess and Allenby streets, roads and aves could be forgiven for becoming a little fed up with the state of darkness they have been obliged to endure over the last few days.

The streetlights in the area including these streets have been manifestly off for the last few nights, and having staggered around in the pitch black on Burgess Rd a couple of nights ago, The Speculator thought it was time for some answers.

So he consulted the oracle, or Chris Darby, as he is known to his friends.

Apparently those roads’ streetlights are serviced by a choleric circuit that has been given to the odd outage over the last few months. Well, it appears that recently,  those occasional outages have all joined together to make one big long outage that has lasted for the last four or so days.

While the problem is ultimately the Council’s or more specifically Auckland Transport’s, it is Vector who is its service provider.

According to The Darby, the circuit – or at least part of it – require complete replacement, and this could still be some weeks or even months away. This strikes The Speculator as a situation that needs immediate escalation.

Let’s face it; there is a very squeaky wheel over the other side of the harbour which is commanding Auckland Transport’s attention at the moment, so to get something done you’re going to have to squeak very loudly.

So, long-suffering residents of the afore-mentioned streets, it is time for you to take up your keyboard, pen or your telephone, and start haranguing the powers that be that are providing the power that does not be.

The number to call is 301 0101 – the Council’s action line. Its 24×7, so do it NOW.

Or go to this URL and email them a curt demand for your light to be returned to you.

Or – post a frustrated response to this article, and The Speculator shall light a candle under them.


  1. Boadicca says:

    Suggest ye get some flaming torches,

  2. Ears of the East says:

    Thank you for illuminating this subject. I got off a bus at Vauxhall shops around midnight after the Australia v Ireland match and was unnerved by the lack of light. Come on council, we pay enough rates to have street lights!

  3. Penny says:

    Even the lights at the crossing were out, which as I was walking home with my kids was not good. Thanks for shedding some light!

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