Lake Rd: Some Solutions?

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Flooding is the least of Lake Rd's problems

Flooding is the least of Lake Rd's problems

Lake Road doesn’t work and won’t work until it has four lanes to cope with the volume of traffic.  This is not a public transport vs. private car issue.  We are a high public usage community – that won’t change, the ferry is too efficient and economic if you want to go to the city.  To go most other places either by car or bus one must utilise Lake Road.

Building appropriate roads is not anti ‘green’.  Forcing cars into stop start congestion adds to emissions and fuel consumption vs. allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

Some easy improvements can be made soon:

  1. The widening to four lanes through the Belmont shops bottle neck could be easily achieved by removing the parking in front of the shops on the west side of the road.  There is land behind those shops that the building owners can develop into a shopper’s car park and there is some space to add extra car parks on Bayswater Ave.
  2. Similarly, the next intersection north has parking in front of Hells Pizza and the green grocer that should be removed to enable four lanes of traffic.  Angle parking can be created around the corner on Corrella Road quite readily.
  3. The cycle lanes should be removed enabling the road to be widened overall (they are a silly compromise presently – starting and stopping without notice, they sometimes range on to the foot path or have a bus stop in the midst of the lane).
  4. Cycling should be encouraged by designating an alternate route (with dedicated bike lanes in places if necessary).  As an idea, say use Wairoa Road beside the golf course, heading north to Seacliffe Ave and then develop a track around the cliff edge in front of Takapuna Grammar rejoining the main road by Wilson Home.  This would eliminate the need for cyclists to use a large section of Lake Road all together.  Being away from the congestion and fumes would be safer and a far more pleasant route for the mostly recreational cyclists that use/ under-utilise the present lanes.  It would probably promote cycling overall.

As a community we need a solution.  Our focus should shift to creative thinking to identify a practical win-win outcome.  Hopefully the above ideas can help.

The view expressed herein are those of the author, and are not necessarily the views of The Speculator.


  1. Hamish says:

    OMG I just noticed the new set of traffic lights on Lake Rd between Hauraki corner and Esmonde. Did we know about this?

  2. Jenny says:

    Thank you at last some sensible comment without the bike vs car emotion! Lake Road is slowly suffocating and no one seems to care

  3. GB says:

    Here’s a great one, more Devo people and otherwise, should carpool and or catch buses!..we need to get more cars off the road, not so much ‘band-aid’ the situation.

  4. Jean (Day) says:

    I was so pleased that at last someone has put into words a sensible and reasonably simple(and cheap)solution for the Lake Rd congestion, one that should not take years to complete. The cycle lanes have wreaked more havoc, and are not heavily used – as against the amount of other traffic being held up.

    Designated parking in the named side roads would certainly help too.

    I hope these ideas will be followed up.

  5. Juan says:

    At last a sensible solution, neatly summed up in 4 succinct points. Lake Road was built over 100 years ago when motor vehicles were relatively rare. Now we have over 40,000 per day and yet nothing has been done to alleviate the situation other than bunging in a few traffic lights and painting irritating cycle lanes on a crowded road. Time to reverse Lake Road’s reputation as the worst road in Auckland. You newly elected local politicians, let’s have some action…Now!

  6. Ruth says:

    Len Brown had a question put to him this morning at a breakfast meeting. He said he is aware of the problem. Perhaps the Speculator could send these suggestions to him?

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