Inorganic This Weekend: Be Cordial But Cautious

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The Speculator has successfully recycled a number of discarded items

The Speculator has successfully recycled a number of discarded items

The inorganic collection is coming up this weekend. The Speculator is strongly in favour of this as an easy and cheap way to recycle unwanted stuff to those who can make use of it. However, there is always a small minority of those who come into Devonport and give the rest a bad name.

Over the years, The Speculator has had some interesting chats with some of the guys who come around the neighbourhood, most of whom are running small businesses that survive on recycling the stuff we chuck on the road side. I’ve come across picture framers, metal collectors and bike repair guys.

Nevertheless, there is the odd turkey who comes for more nefarious purposes. Be vigilant but accommodating and if you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to dial 111. Remember, it’s much easier for the Police to catch a thief if they are notified immediately.

Finally, the presence of out of town building / scaffolding / other work teams is occasionally linked to property burglaries in the same or nearby streets. Be aware if a neighbour, or someone in your road has employed workmen from somewhere else in Auckland, as they are perfectly positioned to monitor the comings and goings of residents around their site. Take extra precautions in terms of locking up the house when you leave.

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