Hoon Crashes Car In Vauxhall Rd

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

The hoon's car is removed by a tow truck

The hoon's car is removed by a tow truck

Approx 3.15 am, a Devonport couple were driving down Vauxhall Rd and were about to park outside their garage when they were hit head on by a speeding and out of control that came around the Vauxhall Rd – Tainui Rd corner.

The boy racer clipped the pole outside the antique shop and hit the Devonport couple’s car. Both cars were badly damaged with the white car of said idiot coming off worse. A parked car was also damaged. There were no reports of injuries.

When the police were called, the speeding driver ran off down Tainui Rd, possibly escaping in a taxi.

Other residents of Vauxhall Rd have indicated they heard cars speeding down the road; the most recent in a series of incidents that have resulted in a crash.

The issue of a boy racing circuit through Vauxhall / Cheltenham /Tainui roads was raised at a recent meeting of the Devonport Borough Council, after an accident on the Vauxhall Rd pedestrian crossing, although this did not involve boy racing.

The Speculator is awaiting further details from The Police.

The hoon's car after the smash, on the wrong side of the road

The hoon's car after the smash, on the wrong side of the road


  1. Badman says:

    Unfortunately these idiots may turn out to be our very own. Perhaps a Bonnie Bondy.

  2. Bond says:

    The most likely reason to run (from the inevitable police test) would be high levels of alcohol in the blood. Not the Navy boys again surely! But perhaps we should just check where Commander Butcher was at the time…

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