“He’s Coming South.” Burglaries Move South Of The Golf Course

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Devonport’s crime ripple continued into the last week of September, with three more burglaries reported in the area, in addition to three thefts from cars.

The burglary pattern appears to be moving south, with the one of the three burglaries reported south of the golf course, and all three of the thefts from cars reported in and around Devonport’s CBD. You can compare the map to the one in the previous article (over there to the right in “News Briefs” to see the shift southwards.

Don’t assume the burglar will fit any particular stereotype; The Speculator once witnessed a theft in Barcelona that was conducted by two middle-aged and well dressed women.

While we’re not suggesting you rugby tackle the first suspicious looking Devonport mum, keep an open mind and your eyes open.

The Police have been asking The Speculator to remind people ringing 111 is OK if you are concerned about suspicious activity. It does NOT have to be an obvious emergency.

Rusty's lack of opposable thumbs ruled him out of the car-jacking incident

Rusty's lack of opposable thumbs ruled him out of the car-jacking incident

1 comment

  1. Catwoman says:

    Lack of opposable thumbs or no, I’d like to cat-burgle Rusty. Miaow!

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