Half Those Arrested At Guy Fawkes Trouble Were Local Kids

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Bad things often happen to dumb people. Some times, those dumb people can be our kids.

Bad things often happen to dumb people. Unfortunately, some times those dumb people are our kids.

It is disappointing but not surprising that five of the nine people arrested in the Devonport area on Guy Fawkes night were kids who lived on the peninsula.

Two locations in particular caused problems for residents and the Police during Guy Fawkes night on the North Shore. Nine were arrested in the Devonport Peninsula area, which included both Cheltenham and Narrowneck.   Five of the arrested persons were Devonport Peninsula residents. Two have been let off with a caution, two are to appear in the North Shore District Court tomorrow (11 November) and one has been remanded to appear in January next year.


After a large number of people gathered in the Cheltenham Beach area to let off fireworks, the crowd quickly became disorderly.  Estimates were about 200 – 300 people.

Police in attendance initially had bottles thrown at them.  An estimated 200 hostile intoxicated young people confronted Police and Fire Service staff who were attempting to extinguish fires which had been lit in public rubbish tins. Police cordoned off the surrounding streets, using the Police helicopter to light up those who tried to use the cover of darkness as an excuse for disorder, and dispersed the crowd. Fireworks were aimed at Police members.   Nine people were arrested, many were intoxicated and hostile towards Police.

Mairangi Bay

By about 9.00pm, a large number of predominantly younger people were gathering in the Mairangi Bay area, letting off fireworks, lighting fires on the beach, setting fire to rubbish bins and behaving in a disorderly fashion.  Numbers gathered there are estimated at about 200 – 300 .  Police assembled in numbers , including using the Police helicopter to light up those who tried to use the cover of darkness as an excuse for disorder and moved them on.

In total, 13 people were arrested for disorder related offences between 10:30pm and 12:30am on the North Shore , the age range was 16 to 21 years. 12 of the 13 arrested had been drinking alcohol prior to their arrest.

A police spokesman said “It’s very disappointing that Guy Fawkes night was once again used by a small minority as an excuse to consume excessive alcohol, gather in public places and behave in a manner that is frightening and very disturbing to residents.  It is behaviour like this that leads many people to call for a complete ban on the sale of fireworks.  It seems the heady mix of male youth, alcohol, fireworks and the cover of darkness were the leading contributers to this disorder.”

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  1. Bond says:

    No Neanderthal I: Cosmopolitan mana…

  2. Bond says:

    Larkin About
    They f**k you up, your mum and dad.
    They do not mean to, but they do.
    They give you all the faults they had,
    And add some extra just for you.

    I didn’t realise you were a man of such sagacious literary tastes Mr Bond. – Ed

  3. GB says:

    Yes dan been happening for years, look its a community wide problem and something that everyone should be involved in to help somewhat and or take some sort of responsibility, but it does get back to the Parents I feel, who I know are drinking and or don’t care where their kids are on the night!.

  4. dan says:

    this has been happening for years i even did it wen i was a young kid 10+ years ago so dont blame the kids the parents and police should stop it before it starts cause its not like its a new thing that just started happening for god sake if the police cant contain some thing that has been happening for this long then wat can they do ????

  5. Boaddica says:

    How quickly racism comes to the fore in NZ. Here we have Fraser (who I am surprised has any mates)proposing that trying to prevent spoiled brats from causing mayhem at the expense of local residents is some kind of racist plot. And, over in your other top story, we have Hone Harawira (who may be charming, but cannot quite conceal his unpleasant views on race issues) proposing racist policies on retirement. And, as if racism were not bad enough, we have rampant speciesism, with National both literally and metaphorically trampling on the non-humans with wholly unsustainable develop-and-be damned economic policies.

  6. I agree with ChrisW. My mate, Mr Cheltenham has termed it ‘white baiting’.

  7. Devo Dad says:

    If only those poor, neglected orphans had parents who could guide them and teach them about respecting their community and those charged with protecting it…

  8. ChrisW says:

    I wonder how much this is to do with the police turning up expecting disorder?

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