Grey Power Thwarts Mayor Brown’s Cunning Plan to License Superannuitants

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Auckland Council Strategy and Finance Policy Committee came very close to establishing a license fee of $50 for Superannuitants at their meeting to establish the new Auckland City rating structure.

Table_51 2011-11-07

Bill Rayner; Old dogs deserve better treatment from the Council

Bill Rayner, from Grey Power Auckland, arrived slightly late to find the Councillors debating Revenue and Finance policy Item A: that the Strategy and Finance committee agree revised fee levels as follows:

On the big overhead screen the proposed revised fees were listed;

a. Dog registration fees be set at a level that recovers 80% of the costs from dog


Standard                     $160

De-sexed dog              $120

Working dog    )          $ 50

Superannuitant )

“ I know that there a large number of Old Dogs who have traveled The Long Hard Road in Grey Power,” said Mr Rayner, ‘but having them licensed was a bit much. At least they were coupled with Working Dogs and not slotted in with Chihuahuas and poodles. All the same Mayor Brown’s sneaking in a new levy on the City’s older people by slipping it in with the dog registration fees was a bit underhand.”

Fortunately timely intervention by North Shore Councillor Ann Hartley saved the day and the screen was amended to read Superannuitant Dog Owners, but not before Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse had raised the question of a discount for de-sexed superannuitants.

The Council was relieved to be able to move on to the less controversial matters of the level of the new Universal Annual Charge for rate payers and the level of rate increases arising under the new Rating policy.

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