Government Minister In Devonport To Discuss Heritage Issues

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Chris Finlayson

Chris Finlayson

After a long wait  of 18 months, Local heritage spokesperson Bill Rayner has finally managed to get Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson to meet with some of the heritage groups that work in the Devonport area.

As well as being a list member of Parliament, Finlayson is also the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, and the Attorney General.

The meeting will consist of a short presentation from some of the local heritage groups and a chance for the Minister to ask questions. New local candidate for National Maggie Barry will also attend.

Bill Rayner and fellow heritage spokesperson Claudia Page will give a short  briefing so both the Minister and the Barry are aware of the “complex issues” that exist.

The private meeting will be followed by a public meeting with the minister hosted by Maggie Barry at the Navy Museum at 4.30 on Thursday 27th . This will be a short meeting only;  the focus of this meeting will be heritage and cultural matters, with possibly some treaty news if that is appropriate.

Anyone can attend the second meeting.

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