Goebbels Makes Comeback As “Head of Poo”

Posted by on Apr 04, 2011 | 2 Comments

Goebbels: a "versatile" performer, but a natural turkey.

Goebbels: a "versatile" broadcaster, but particularly talented as the lovable turkey Gobbles

Local earthmoving and media company Earthworks, who deal in the excavation and distribution of human excrement and the manufacture of newspapers fit for wiping one’s bottom on, have announced they are appointing Josef Goebbels as their new Head of Poo.

EarthWorks chief executive “Paris” Hilton said reaction to Goebbel’s appointment as Shit Head had been “overwhelmingly” supportive.”He’s done brilliantly in his previous role as Dick Shit. Shit Head just seemed like a natural step.”

“I think all outstanding broadcasters are polarising. He is known for pushing the boundaries. That’s one of the things that makes him good at his job, that’s one of the reasons we hired him.”

Goebbels would be given free rein on his RadioBarelyAlive drivetime show and a “range” of TV roles. “No weirdos, whingeing minorities or out of towners should feel safe” Hilton said.

“There will not be any direction from me to tone it down. It will depend on the show. If he wants to advocate the invasion of Poland, or the enslavement of the Slavic tribes, that’s fine with me.”

Paris said Goebbels would fit into the culture at EarthWorks well, and was no threat to its star broadcaster “Tokyo Joe.”

“They both understand the important role racist and divisive propaganda dressed up as entertainment plays in today’s modern Western society” said Hilton.

Commentators believe the “versatile” broadcaster could appear as judge, jury and executioner on the X-ecution Factor, which will hit screens next year. “As long as he doesn’t have to actually see his victims, he’ll be fine” Hilton said.


  1. JohR says:

    If Dr Goebbels doesn’t work out then Paul Henry would make a more than adequate substitute.

  2. Matilda says:

    Nutter 🙂

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