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Oh generous burghers of Devonport, I am delighted to inform you the Gail Bail-Out Fund is almost half way to its target – we now have $735, with one donor gifting $500!

Together with the auction of one of Lyndsay Brock’s paintings, currently sitting above the reserve at $125, we have so far raised almost $900.

This has so far come from seven donors; surely there are a few more of you out there who can spare a crisp twenty?

Remember, Gail has at least delayed and possibly saved that extraordinary historical location on Mt Victoria – at her own cost.

If you want to make a donation, you can deposit it into The Speculator’s Gail Bail-out Fund at account number 03 1514 0083901-00 at the local Westpac bank, or you can write a cheque to the fund and post it to;

The Gail Bail-Out Fund, PO Box 32-560, Devonport.

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  1. Sherri says:

    Give athought to the very real possibility that there will be more legal expenses as this sorry situation progresses perhaps it would be wise for a seperate fund to be set up so that Devonportians, ancestors and interested parties can contribute so that people such as Gail are not left carrying the financial can.

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