Future Shock: Stephen Sinclair’s Latest Work

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INTIMACIES is two thematically linked one act plays by celebrated New Zealand dramatist Stephen Sinclair (The Bellbird, The Bach, Russian Snark). Both plays are set in the near future, and explore the ways in which new technologies are changing our lives and relationships.

Sweet Thing opens with Sally having a frank and intimate discussion with her Mum. The two appear to have a beautiful close relationship — that is, until Sally’s brother Philip storms in, throws Mum out of the room, and demands Sally get rid of her for good. For Mum is not exactly what she seems; she’s a clone that Sally made of her mother upon her death – a way for her to address all the unresolved issues from her childhood.

In I’d Rather Be The Pope we meet Rod, a hard-core gamer who spends of his conscious life inhabiting the amoral universe of virtual reality. A borderline sociopath prone to violent outbursts, he is an outcast and marginalised by society. However when he assaults his Counsellor, her reaction isn’t what you might expect …

INTIMACIES is a new departure for Sinclair, and a disturbing premonition of where our increasingly virtual society is headed.

This world premiere run of INTIMACIES is part of the Outbox Theatre’s inaugural season bringing live theatre back to the historic Victoria Theatre in Devonport.

INTIMACIES runs August 9 – 14 (Tue-Sun) at the Victoria PIcture Palace and Theatre, 48 Victoria Rd, Devonport

Starring Leighton Cardno (Shortland Street, Go Girls), Toby Leach, Micheala Rooney, Yvette Parsons, Dawn Adams, David Beresford, Steven Lyell, and Terry Gray.

The creative team includes Stephen Sinclair, Elena Stejko, David Hornblow, Steve Morrison, Sara Taylor, and Wilma Kotze.

More information available at www.outboxtheatre.co.nz or contact info@outboxtheatre.co.nz or Steve Morrison on 021.311.103. Tickets available online at www.iconiccinemeas.co.nz or Steve Morrison on 021.311.103

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