French Rugby Team Warn Cocky Kiwi Supporters

Posted by on Oct 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

French rugby team spokesman Vince Flamet warned NZ rugby supporters not to be “so cocky” this afternoon.

“You guys think this thing is  – how you say – done and dusted, but I can assure you we French are still very much in the running.”

Mr Flamet went on to remind NZ supporters of the previous encounters in which (con’td on pg 17,565)..

Mr Flamet addresses the NZ Cocky Supporters Club this afternoon

Mr Flamet addresses the NZ Cocky Supporters Club this afternoon


  1. GB says:

    Claps hands wildly knowing the rugby nonsense will be all over in 2 days time! 🙂

  2. Boadicca says:

    Well Oh Speculatum, if we HAVE to hear more about the bloody rugby, I can only say ‘Go maire Gaul!’

    Now that’s got you into quite a bit of trouble, young lady. I’m off to tell the Centurion. – Ed

  3. GB says:

    Very good’s my take on it and im not even into this rugby world cup bs!..if the ABs win, Devonport will know bout it for weeks and there will be no-one on the ferry Monday morning.
    If the French win, there will be anger galore and depression and alot of long faces in the village Monday morning and mornings after that..I will jus carry on in life and will be happy regardless of any external factors. 🙂

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