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Given some of our recent stories, the regular Speculator reader may be forgiven for thinking The Speculator has become a bit of a Francophile.

Well, after meeting some members of the French RWC squad today, The Speculator wouldn’t be surprised if he found himself accidentally whistling La Marseillaise.

The French squad had been invited to visit The Wilson Home Trust up on the corner of Lake and St Leonards roads, and despite having a number of activities from which to choose, a number of them chose to visit the Trust and hang out with some of the kids who attend school there.

The idea initially came from one of the Trust’s staff bumping into some of the players out on a training run on Takapuna Beach while walking her dog. The idea took hold, and via some helpful leverage from Trust Board member Allison Roe, the Trust found themselves entertaining six of the current squad, and a number of support staff, including the manager Jo Maso and Backs Coach Emile Ntamack.

The Speculator was there to take a few snaps as the players knocked around with the kids and some of the semi-smitten mums.

The members of the Squad present were; Jo Maso (Manager), David Ellis (Defence Coach), Morgan Parra (First Five/Half Back), Julien Pierre (Lock), Julien Bonaire (Back Row), Dimitri Yachvilli (Half Back), Lionel Mallet (Lock), Max Mermoz  (Centre), Emile Ntamack (Backs Coach) and Gonzo Quesada (Kicking Coach).

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  1. suze perrin says:

    Bravo Mrs Eaglesome for inviting the French team over and highlighting the wilson home trust. I wonder if she made them some of her wonderful ‘famous in devonport’ cup cakes!
    Great photos and story….checked in from the uk.

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