UPDATED: NOT Free Local Disposal Of Your Xmas Tree This Year

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It may seem a little premature to be discussing the disposal of the Holy Tree before Xmas, but the good news is that the local Transfer Station on Lake Rd is taking them for free.

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After the festive season Aucklanders can dispose of unwanted Christmas trees at over a dozen locations across the region.

By taking them to a waste transfer station or a Christmas tree farm, the trees can be recycled into mulch or compost, reducing the amount of green waste sent to landfill.

Some Christmas tree suppliers will accept trees of any size, while waste transfer stations will accept trees with a trunk less than 10cm in diameter.


  1. JP says:

    I have just been to the Refuse Station on Lake Rd with my withered Christmas tree and they knew nothing of this initiative! We even phoned “The Boss” who confirmed that their company does not and never has offered free disposal of Christmas trees. Instead it costs the same as a garden bag of rubbish ($4.50). Please note this is not a Council transfer station but is owned by Living Earth. Maybe that’s where the confusion arose? Nearest council one is in Constellation Drive.

    JP – thanks for that information. I initially suspected this might be the case, but checked to make sure Lake Rd transfer station was included, which it was. Must have been some confusion at the Council’s end. – Ed. Other readers please note.

  2. Diana Clement says:

    This is a very useful piece of information. Thanks. I stress about getting rid of my Xmas tree in an environmentally friendly way.
    Last year’s fronds (leaves?) were composted in the back of my garden in Devonport and the trunk cut up and burned at a Girl Guides cookout.

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