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Thanks to Roger Brittenden, The Speculator is able to offer its readers a copy of the Marine Square plans for download. Take a look and let us know what you think.

But be warned, the file is 8mB, so may take a little while to download.

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  1. Gladys says:

    these plans only show stuff about parking and suchlike , where are the details of what it will look like , what materials are being used etc/ The seawall is a protected heritage item , what is being done about that?

  2. CJ says:

    The report advocates that removing zebra crossings in favour of raised crossings is an improvement for pedestrians. I disagree.
    Raised crossings confuse pedestrians and motorists. Who has priority?
    To introduce this confusion to busy intersections involving roundabouts and multiple junctions and many tourists from overseas who are familiar with zebra crossings and not the etiquette of raised platforms is asking for trouble.
    The raised crossing across the junction of Wynard St will be problematic. Motorists turning E or W out of Wynard St into Queen’s parade will be perched on the platform for some time as they have restricted visual check lines, to be made worse by the proposed widening of the pavement and narrowing of Queen’s Parade. This will necessitate pedestrians crossing at some other point (so why have the raised crossing ?).

    Do we need the proposed “Landing” and boarded area to the east of the ferry building? It will not provide access to the ferry building, just more recreational space at the expense of the beach we currently have and in addition to the recreational areas in Windsor Reserve. Does the community have a specific use in mind for this area? None is mentioned in the report.
    Will the existence of “the Landing” impede the intended eventual redevelopment of Devonport and Victoria Wharves?
    I cannot see how the improvements to the short term parking area justify the removal of so many long term parking spaces. Do we need so many short term parks if most of them are provided for people catching the ferry rather than shoppers at the wharf/Queens Parade? Perhaps 4 or 5 hour parking is required rather than 3 hours. Still shorter that “all day” but enabling a decent amount of time to be spent having a meal or visiting someone in Auckland Hospital or a trip to the Museum etc which cannot be completed in 3 hours only.

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