Devonport’s “Fair On The Hill”; Muddy, But Unbowed

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Devonport Primary School’s Fair on the Hill was well supported, despite the weather’s attempts to wash it off the side of Mt Victoria. The organisers adapted quickly to the conditions and the event generally ran smoothly.

The Speculator was there to take some photos, despite being nearly blown into the upper harbour while attempting to secure its banner to a fence.

Again, even despite the rain, it was a fantastic atmosphere. It was as busy as ever. Our garage sale and pre-loved clothes were exceedingly popular.

The Speculator publishes a couple of reviews from parents below.

This was the 5th Fair On the Hill – opened in style by Pippa Wetzel. Pippa also read out the the coolest poem about the Fair on The Hill written by a Devonport Primary mother – it was very funny (see below).

The aim of the event is to promote the school out to the greater Devonport area. We have such a unique location, and it should be enjoyed by all. Our aim is also to keep our Fair on the Hill priced for ALL. We manage to get amazing support through both the local community and the parents at the school, to ensure the larger “FUN’ activities are partially or fully sponsored, thus allowing us to keep the pricing down on things like the Water Walkers and Climbing Wall – both of which we manage to keep at only $5.00.

This years Fair on the Hill proceeds will be going to upgrade our ICT.

The aim of the event is both as a fundraiser for the school and also to have an event for the community – i.e. an event that brings together the school; parents and children, and the local community. Everyone from the school pitches in with help on the day and we have a very sociable finish with bands on stage and dancing at the end. There may be other fundraisers that could raise more money but wouldn’t offer the chance for everyone to be a part of it. The children are always very excited in the run up to the fair. We try and combine the elements of a traditional fair (candyfloss, $1 games, tombola etc), but with a modern twist (water walkers, climbing wall, hot rod cars etc). We are also known for the the entertainment provided on indoor and outdoor stages throughout the day.

This particular year the money raised will be spent on the completion of a major I.T. upgrade, including an upgrade to the cabling as well as I.T. equipment for the classrooms. We don’t get a lot of funding from the government so desperately need funds for these things. We are pleased to say we reached our financial target despite the weather, which is a testament to the support our school families and the local community gives us. We would also like to extend our thanks to our generous sponsors; school parents and local businesses who either helped financially, by sponsoring various attractions, or donated goods to the fair. Also thanks to Michelle Millington, a school parent who co-ordinated the fair along with the committee and also to the many parents helping out prior and on the day itself.

If you need more info on the IT upgrade the school is implementing, contact; who will put you in the touch with The Board of Trustees. (written by Diane Eaglesome)

Here is the Poem –

On the Hill

Where will you be at the Fair on the Hill?

Are you reading out the messages or running till to till?

Are you setting up the stalls or selling all the books,

Or helping clothing purchasers to titivate their looks?

Is that you helping children in the lost and found,

Or counselling the angry at the hammer pound?

Are you cool in the office counting money inside,

Or out in the heat where the sausage sizzlers fry?

Is that you in the throng giving good directions,

Or are you busy selling all our top confections?

Are you sponsoring the purchase of some useful kit,

Or setting out the tables where the cafe users sit?

Will you donate something nice for the silent auction,

Or supplement the jam stall with a sweet concoction?

Are you packing up at finish time, drawing out the raffle,

Or soliciting hot bobbers for a nice red apple?

Are you pricing up the plants, the toms and the glads,

Or figuring the spelling of bromeliads?

Are you cheering for the kids in the talent quest,

Or giving a team leader a much needed rest?

Are you painting children’s faces so they’re bright and cute,

Or performing in the hall on your silver flute?

Are you moaning at the effort, or laughing at the fun,

Are you on the winning side when the tug of war is won?

Where will you be at the Fair on the Hill?

Move your behind to higher ground and give your kids a thrill.


  1. ella down the road says:

    awsome! love the pics of me and zoe

  2. GB says:

    Alot didn’t go as we thought it would be cancelled or somethin..well the weather was bit stink that morning wasn’t it.

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