Devonport’s Big Opportunity or Greatest Threat? The Auckland Spatial Plan

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This might er, look nice in Devonport?

This might er, look nice in Devonport?

Those reluctant to become involved or interested in local politics are being given every reason to throw their hands up in despair and declare the entire process of consultation opaque. However, it is not.

Last week the The Speculator ran a story on the recently released Auckland Annual Plan, open for consultation now.

The Council has also released for consultation The Auckland Spatial Plan. This is probably the most significant document ever  published on Auckland’s future, as it outlines the plans for Auckland’s development over the next 30 years. Yes, thirty years.

Hang on a minute, I hear you cry. Why should we bother with all this poppycock? There’s a number of reasons, but perhaps the most pressing is this; Devonport has been included in the plan as part of one of the three “areas of opportunity” – the International City Centre and Fringe (by dint of its close commuter connection to the CBD).

It doesn’t take much cogitation to conclude that this is both an enormous opportunity, but also a potential threat. Devonport’s views must be represented in this plan, and that representation needs to be loaded to the gunwales with the ideas, hopes, thoughts and aspirations of Devonport residents and businesses.

Who’s up to the task? We have Roger Brittenden’s nascent “Devonport Borough Council” (oh the confusion that name will sow!). We have the Devonport Business Association. One is fresh but embryonic; the other is older but catatonic (until recently anyway).

Who else is interested? The Speculator would be delighted to act as a clearinghouse for people’s Devonport-related feedback, thoughts and ideas on the plan. We have provided a link to the plan below. Take an evening out to read the sections relevant/potentially relevant to Devonport.

The Speculator will also be providing its own analysis of the plan, as well as asking local figures to provide their views. So stay tuned.

You can of course provide your feedback directly back to the council. However, given the significance of the document, The Speculator humbly suggests Devonport residents and businesses consider a coordinated response.

Send us your comments, either as feedback to this article or – if you’re feeling inspired (and verbose), send us your submission to and we’ll put it up (assuming it’s well written and coherent) for discussion and feedback.

The Auckland Plan (also called the spatial plan) – this governs Auckland planning for the next 30 years. Submissions close 31 May.


  1. JL says:

    Whoa…yet another plan we need to check out! What with Annual Plans, Spacial Plans, Devonport’s Master Plan, Marine Square & Clarence St upgrades, I’m exhausted & quite frankly, all submissioned out
    With so much going on, I really hope our new ratepayer’s group gets pro-active on our behalf & participates in this stuff, because, no matter how much we care, it’s all getting to be a much.

  2. James S says:

    Is there any point? When did anybody in local government ever listen to the views of others? And especially so when they are, purposely, so cut off from their electorate?

  3. Bond says:

    A quick squizz at the Spatial and related Council plans decodes the following: $700,000 to widen the pavement outside the Depot, lose two car spaces and make a ‘public space’ we don’t need (plenty of that on the Windsor Reserve and along the Esplanade with a better view). More big biccies to knock down a pretty functional library building and replace it with something not much (if any) better. A Marine Parade plan that, while it may provide a welcome face-lift to the Wharf (good-oh, more places to swig martinis), also seems to require the loss of numerous parking spaces (where will I put the Lotus?!), and the construction of a completely pointless raised pedestrian crossing so that those inclined to mow down the oldies can achieve lift-off while also doubling the exhaust fumes and noise for Mecca diners. This, in an era of zero pay rises, will be paid for by a 4.9% increase in rates, which is apparently GOOD Len says, because he is sparing us the 9% rise he really wanted. Quick, pour me a martini and fetch Doctor No…

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