Devonport Zombie Fears Preceded By Fears Of An “Epidemic Of Lunacy”

Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 | 1 Comment

Long term Speculator readers may recall the extraordinary story The Speculatum uncovered regarding the zombie danger in Devonport.

It would appear this story has an unnerving echo from the distant past, as local gravestone “Red Adair”  Gail Lyons discovered when she was researching the history of St Paul’s graveyard.

Readers made of stern stuff may wish to peruse the article below, published in August 1890 in Auckland’s Observer newspaper.

Table_20 2011-10-21

Table_21 2011-10-21

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  1. Bond says:

    Dear Dr Speck,
    Re your story on the undead roaming Devo’s streets, I have to report several instances of being trapped behind zombies driving around the central village at 10 miles an hour. On such occasions, those of us who like a bit of alacrity behind the wheel are tempted to employ the rocket launcher under the headlights. But perhaps I’ll just mix another martini for the Kea skipper, and see if we can’t get that rugby ball this time.

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