Devonport U3a Newsletter July 2011

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Address: c/- Community House, 32 Clarence St, Devonport

President Reg Miles-Kingston 551 3995; Vice-President Ian Free 445 2509; Secretary Bev Nielsen 488 7206; Treasurer Libby Eaglesome 445 7522; Committee Rodney Bowen; Lyn Brockelbank ; Maureen McMillan; Beverly Melville; Almoner Catherine Brideson 445 3221; Newsletter Editor Joyce Fairgray 445 0382 (Copy needed by 20th of month); Distributor Laura LiCalsi 445 6925; e-mail Distributor Libby Eaglesome 445 7522


Wed 13 July at 10 am Harmony Hall

4 Wynyard St Devonport

Tim of Tim Melville Gallery (11 McColl St, Newmarket) is son of our committee member Bev. !3 July is an auspicious date for him, 4th anniversary of his gallery opening. He claims that he fell into the art world after being inspired by a London tutor.

He will discuss some of the artists represented in his gallery, with a focus on the Aboriginal artists of Mornington Island, Queensland, including Sally Gabori, an 86-year-old artist who started painting just 6 years ago and has taken the world by storm.


In thanking Richard Wolfe, Pam Hall referred to two desirable factors – an interesting subject and an enthusiast to talk about it. Everyone agreed we had been treated to both!

The same was true of Mike Habgood’s talk with pictures, on the experience (with Pat!) of observing a 2001 total eclipse of the sun from the Zambesi Valley, when they recorded the reactions of wildlife.

Play Reading Group invites us to see The Cherry Orchard at Bridgeway Wed 27th July 2 pm Bridgeway. Book Heather Campbell 445 8897 or Kristin Senior 445 6887 by Mon 4 July. $20 seniors

Recommended: Continuing Education lectures in Winter Week (3 lectures each day, 4 – 8 July) and free Winter Lectures, 1 – 2 pm Tues 19 July – 23  Aug; historical, cultural and social reflections on the place of Rugby in this country. Contact: 0800 864 266.

Age Concern Positive Ageing Forum Takapuna Tues 5 July (9.30 – 12) “Health”. Speakers from Waiemata Health Board.  Details & RSVP: or ph. 489 4975, ext. 105

GROUPS * Groups with waiting list only

Aspects of Cultures 1st Wed 10 am Library Seminar Room Contact Alison Forbes 445 6653

Bridge 1st Mon and 3rd Tues 1.30 pm The lounge Belmont Lifestyle Village 12 Coronation St

Contact Kristin Senior 445 6887

Current Affairs 4th Wed 2 pm Library Seminar Room Contact Mark Joughin 445 0520

Films CHANGE FOR JULY (pre-festival) Fri 1 July 10 am 9 Macky Ave Contact Pat Ward 445 2647

Gardening 1st Thurs 2 pm 1/63A Norwood Rd Bayswater Contact Bev Melville 445 9727

*Historical Studies 2nd and 4th Thurs 9 30 am

Contact Hazel Wright 445 7445

* History of Russia (From the beginning to the fall of the Soviet Union)   1st and 3rd Thurs 9 30 am

191 Victoria Rd; Contact John Kellett 445 2681

Jazz 2nd Tues 2 pm

Contact Gifford Jackson 445 0410

Tues 12 July at 1/46 King Edward Parade (Mixed selection)

Mah Jong 1st Tues and 3rd Mon 2 pm to 4pm

Library Seminar Room

Contact Jill Downer 445 6145

Modern Art 3rd Wed 2 pm

Contacts J Hall 446 3404; J Fairgray 445 0382

Wed 20 July at 10 Spring St (Calder; one other)

Music Music 4th Tues 2 pm
Contact Bev Nielsen 488 7206

Play Reading CHANGE The Cherry Orchard see Notices; Contact Heather Campbell 445 8897

Remarkable Women 4th Mon 2 pm Library

Seminar Room; Contact Laura LiCalsi 445 6925

*Shakespeare on Screen 2nd Mon 2 pm

191 Victoria Rd; Contact John Kellett 445 2681

Mon 11 July (Othello – 2nd half)

*World Story, Music and Art 4th Wed 9 45 am

Contact Pam and John Hall 446 3404

Wed 27 at 18/53 Vauxhall Rd

Writers’ Group 3rd Tues 10 am Library Seminar Room; Contact Val Shaw 486

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