Devonport Photographer Strikes Gold In First Competition

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Local Devonport photographer Emily Raftery has struck gold in the 2011 New Zealand Kodak Gold Professional Awards.

Emily has won one of the few gold awards given out across the 700-odd entries. The prize was accreditation with the Kodak Professional Image Award; an internationally recognised photography standard that gives Emily serious cred as a local photographer.

There were four categories in the competition  – wedding, portrait, landscape and commercial.  Emily’s winning photo entered into the portrait category was the first time she has ever entered a photography competition.

After the classic Kiwi OE nannying in New York for seven months, Emily returned to New Zealand, settled in Devonport and studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Whitecliff College. She graduated in the same year as her daughter India was born – five years ago.

After graduating she worked professionally with her tutor Helen Robinson from Whitecliff for two years. Helen guided Emily as a mentor and together with a basics business course, gave her the confidence to branch out and start her own business.

Emily specialises in weddings and portraits, and loves them so much has no plans to move into any other subject area, although she does do some commercial and events work. With the wedding season about to kick off, Emily is expecting the next few months to go by in a blur, with no significant break until the end of March.

Her 98 year old grandfather once said “You can’t do anything well unless you love what you do.” Emily clearly has followed his advice.

You can view more of Emily’s work at her website at

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  1. Marie says:

    Congratulations lovely, fantastic work. Xxx

  2. Matilda says:

    Many congratulations Emily!

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