Devonport Ferry Clonked In Minor Accident

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The Devonport ferry Kea has been involved in a minor accident in Auckland Harbour, injuring a passenger.

The accident happened around 5.30pm Thursday, when a Fullers boat, with a full load of passengers en route to Devonport, collided with a smaller ferry.

One passenger onboard the Fullers ferry said the boat had gathered steam and passengers screamed with panic before it rammed into the smaller vessel.

The passenger thought the crash had affected the steering on the Fullers ferry.

St Johns ambulance spokesperson confirmed an elderly patient was attended to, sustaining minor injuries.

She did not need further treatment.

Fullers would not comment on the incident.


  1. Boadicca says:

    Two possible explanations for this I’d say. (A) someone (and I am sure there are many) whose architectural sensibilities are pained by the sight of that maggot of a building crawling into the harbour, wrestled the wheel away from the Kea Skipper and tried to demolish it, or (B) someone (and there really SHOULD be many) enraged by the massive and wasteful transfer of public funds ($500 million) into private pockets, for the purposes of glorifying a boring and pointless game that merely valorises male aggression, wrestled the wheel away from the Kea skipper etc. etc…
    Yours as uncooperatively as ever,

  2. GB says:

    I was on the ferry yeste late arvo goin over, and the amount of ferry and yacht traffic I might add, made the crossing bit more dangerous than usual!..I think the outside of the Auckland city ferry terminal will be blocked again with people on Sunday, so either avoid or go over to the city in the am perhaps…I am counting down to when this silly cup is over!

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