Devonport Clean-Up From The Air – Photo Gallery

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Devonport residents might consider they have some justification for being a little sick of the sound of rotors overhead.

By way of small compensation, here is a gallery of stunning shots taken by the Navy’s Sea Sprite helicopter of the beach clean-up initiative, organised by the schools and Devonport’s Community Co-ordinator Maire Vieth and carried out by Devonport’s school kids.

This is not the complete set of photos; The Speculator will be publishing more over the coming days.

If you recognise your group from the photos, let us know. We’ll identify your group in the caption. Photos numbers appear if you hold the cursor over the photo.

Congratulations to Maire and the schools who took part; a fantastic event on a beautiful day. In Maire Vieth, Devonport has an extraordinary organisational resource.

Keep an eye out for The Speculator’s upcoming other photo gallery of its morning out with the utterly charming kids of Devonport Primary School.

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