Devonport Central Upgrade Begins

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More repairs are required in Devonport central after resident Vince Flam's latest attempt to defy modern physics failed.

More repairs are required in Devonport central after resident Vince Flam's latest attempt to defy modern physics failed.

The repair and construction work that has begun around Victoria Rd is related to the $66k signed off by the Devonport Takapuna Local Board at its June 7 meeting. This included work on the following;

Upgrades on Victoria Rd
Main Street and Waterfront
Reserves/ Improved filtration
of Water fountain/Upgrade
street frontage and gardens
/Improve turf areas adjacent
to ferry arrival/ Interpretive
signage for Moreton Bay Fig

– Upgrades on Victoria Rd Main Street and Waterfront Reserves

– Improved filtration of Water fountain

– Upgrade street frontage and gardens

– Improve turf areas adjacent to ferry arrival

– Interpretive signage for Moreton Bay Fig tree

The work on Clarence St is a separate project; this is the $250k Clarence St upgrade project which was approved after public consultation earlier this year.

If the number seems big for what is essentially a couple of traffic calming measures and some paving, the council officials at the public consultation informed The Speculator that this was due to the cost of the bluestone kerbing. There is clearly a price to pay for living in a heritage area.

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  1. Chris Darby says:

    Ed – The image shown is the Calliope Rd/Victoria Rd intersection – or what’s left of it. Council thought it better used as a foul air extraction vent for the Third Harbour Crossing rail tunnel. Yeah we’re just getting on and doing stuff! You’ll notice a handful of Stanley Pt residents, kitted up in their boiler-suit protest gear, massing in protest. We’ve issued them home-schooling brochures and politely reminded them we are upgrading the Stanley Bay Ferry Terminal to allow them to shop at the Parnell Farmers Market and Smith and Caughey.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Chris Darby
    Devonport-Takapuna Local Board

    Thanks for the update Chris. I thought the Vince Flam thing sounded pretty unlikely. Could we hollow out Devon Towers and use it as the chimney? – Ed

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