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Minutes of Meeting on 8 August 2011

Venue :. North Shore Cricket Club 7.00 p.m.

Meeting called by Roger Brittenden

Facilitator – Roger Brittenden

In attendance – 30+ members; Mike Cohen DTLB (MC) , Dianne Hale DTLB (DH), Jan O’Connor DTLB

Note taker – Claudia Page

Abbreviations Roger Brittenden = RB; Questions and comments from the floor FTF;  Answer from the floor AFTF; Devonport Borough Council DBC; Devonport Takapuna Local Board DTLB; Waterfront Development Agency WDA;

Apologies from Chris Darby DTLB, Margot McRae, Simon Gundry, David Slack,

General business No meeting was held in July due to a number of people being away.

Recap on achievements so far:

All Devonport toilets being refurbished as we speak, Gardens are being done and painting and repairs at wharf underway.

We got the DTLB to hold meeting in Devonport

We have had a meeting with Bob Harvey of the Waterfront Development Agency

Minutes  of DBC meetings – these will be posted on the Speculator website

Agenda items can be put on the blackboard at the beginning of the next meeting or e-mailed to

Organisation of meetings – There are volunteer groups representing and taking care of interests. At present these are:

Heritage – Claudia Page – or go to Devonport Heritage Inc. for meeting dates and contact info- all welcome.

Parks and Beaches – Brett Garea (027 475 3344) and Simon Gundry (029 9440700)

Waterfront Development Agency – Robyn Langwell – (027 330 0905

Resource Consents – Lindsay Brock – (4456404

Water Related Public Transport – Jim Mason (4466228

Pavements – Charles Digby (445-3525

More volunteers for groups of interest welcomed. (contact details needed)

Parks and beaches – Roger is meeting up with the parks officer and made a list of items to bring to his attention.

Diary Date for the big Devonport Clean Up of parks, beaches and town centre is scheduled from 1- 4 p.m Saturday 27th August.

FTF – Seats – new heavy and inappropriate seats have been installed in central Dev ahead of the RWC> Auckland Transport did this without any consultation with the  DTLB or anyone else. DTLB members have raised this with them and their liason person has promised they will be easily removed after the cup. DTLB will follow this up and we will contact Auckland Transport to ask to be included in consultation.

Seats used to be something the local board would have been very involved in, now that a CCO is in charge ,this is less clear.

RB We want improvements , not change.

Must insist on consultation and engagement. Auckland Transport appear to be a law unto themselves, with no thought for the context of what they are doing.

FTF – Question about what is happening to Marine Square changes.

DH  – There are some repairs happening at the wharf and some money available to start Marine Square when it has consent. The ownership of the wharves is split between Parks who own Victoria Wharf  and Auckland Transport who own Devonport Wharf.

FTF –  The square is not really all that bad,should the DTLB and community be rethinking the priority of this. Is money being spent wisely, given plans for the future of the two wharves are not in place.  The sand that blows up from the beach blocks drains and sandblasts cars.

There will be loss of carparking and established trees.

RB – Awful  intimidating yellow lines to stop people parking by the bollards at the wharf have recently been painted. Something less obtrusive like a small sign should have been enough.

FTF – New extra bollards seem to be keeping vehicles off .

FTF – Parking wardens. Two parking wardens are in Devonport almost full time seven days a week. A clash with a member was reported.

DH – The irony is the former Community board wanted more surveillance to keep an eye on new parking restrictions in some places, but the result has been increased ticketing everywhere, even away from the main shopping area.  The board made it clear at the time that ticketing should be limited to keeping parks turning over at times of peak demand.

FTF- Rubbish collectors . Empty only what is in rubbish bins, but if extra items of rubbish have been collected and left next to bins , those get left by the collectors. MC to follow this up.

FTF – The retaining wall on Chinaman’s Hill looks as though it might collapse. RB to raise with the parks officer. Overgrown trees need to be looked at.

FTF-  Big concern over the dangerous situation at the pedestrian crossing on corner of Church Street and Vauxhall Road. The sigh lines in both directions are bad and there have been two serious crashes recently on the crossing, and a four car crash further down Church Street. This crossing is heavily used by school children and a fatality is possible.

Furhther comments on speed of vehicles in Vauxhall Road generally and whether calming methods would be appropriate

DH – the board has spent a lot of time on this over the years. Calming devices can make it worse for people who live next to them. They can also appeal as a challenge to some drivers.

Dianne asked the person present to bring this issue to the forum at the next DTLB meeting, so it can be actioned. Board meetings are on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, usually at Takapuna.

FTF- Shell path on Queens Parade – kikuyu has narrowed the width of the path and compaction from council rubbish vehicles is causing damage. Roger to raise with Parks officer.

FTF – Why are there security guards on the ferry wharves at Stanley Bay and Devonport?

Fullers deny any involvement, as do Auckland Council. This must be another Auckland Transport innovation ?

FTF – the seawall near the boat ramp appears to have developed a small hole. This needs repairing before larger more expensive repairs are needed. Mike Cohen to follow up.

FTF – there are several areas in Wairoa Rd where water over the footpath makes it impassable. There is no way to avoid this for pedestrians except walk through the muddy verge and use the road. Drainage needs to be looked at.

DTLB news – the DSTLB < Council and others are getting a wifi network up and running in the next month in Devonport business area. There may be a nominal charge to use.  The provider will be TomiZone and this will be a permanent feature.

Planning and resource consents report – Claudia

The list of consents granted ( as opposed to applications still being assessed) is now in the DTLB agenda.

For July there were 37 applications for the Takapuna Devonport area. 1 was limited notification, 0 full notifications; Consents granted for scheduled heritage buildings at 3/47-49 Church St ( old Power station? ) ;8 Rata Road – variation to consent;38 -40 Victoria Road ( old Butcher cnr Rattray Street?)

June – 11 consent applications; no notifications. One consent for work on a scheduled building at 33 Cheltenham Road

Heritage report _ Claudia

Wayne Lees house at 39 King Edward Parade. This has been the subject of various consent issues since 2000.  Claudia has looked at the history of the consents and showed sketches of the windows under discussion to illustrate what has happened. Most recently council were taking compliance action, and there was a deadline for work to be remedied by mid 2011. In February the owner applied for another consent to change the windows. Council reviewed the various consents and found that because of less than consise  wording in the consent over the glazing of the large windows, that they have given a new consent. This is in spite of the fact that their heritage consultant recommended either no change to the first 6-pane option, or for a fall back position of 3 vertical glazed panes to replace the present single sheet of glass.

Signs in Victoria Road –  a year after first enquiring council have let Devonport Heritage know that there are a number of mostly scheduled buildings in Victoria Road which do not have resource consent for signs and other fittings such as sky dishes. Council will be asking owners to apply to the consents needed or remove the signs.

Plan Change 33 – after almost 4 years Council have passed a resolution to advertise this. There are a number of changes from the original idea, but it will be important to submit ( in support) so that we get protection for our heritage commercial areas and building.  Council have evaluated every building individually.

Meeting then broke into smaller groups to discuss future direction – what we are doing well, what still could be improved, and other issues not yet raised.

Results of this will be recorded separately.

Roger Brittenden generously provided pizza and more socialising concluded the meeting.

Next meeting – we are trying to get the Mayor, date Monday 5 September.

Venue – To be confirmed.

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