Devonport and North Shore Go AWOL From Mayor’s Priority List

Posted by on Feb 03, 2011 | 4 Comments

Perhaps a caption competition is in order....

Perhaps a caption competition is in order....

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has this morning released a list of the 100 projects he committed to promoting during his first 100 days in office.

Disappointingly, there is no mention whatsoever of the North Shore, Devonport, Belmont or Bayswater, although Takapuna is mentioned once as a future location for one of the “Mayor in the Chair” sessions.

Devonport residents will be particularly disappointed that the wharf  – something the mayor specifically referred to during his campaign – is not mentioned.

The good news however, is that one of the projects that has made it into the top 100 is a design competition for the mayoral chains.

The full press release is below. Anyone wanting a list of the project can email The Speculator at

Len Brown will complete the first 100 days of this term as Mayor on February 8.

“All of these projects were selected because of the pace and momentum they provide to help the whole organisation including staff, elected representatives and CCOs, as well as ratepayers focus on the future of Auckland.”

“When I launched 100/100 I made it clear that the projects could be small, medium-sized or large, and could be just starting, already in progress or close to completion,” says Len Brown.

“Many were already in progress in one form or another. My involvement ensured those projects had the public and council profile they required.

“Others such as the integrated ticket and the CBD rail link are key planks of my mayoralty and I am determined to advance those projects early in this mayoral term.

“A key part of 100/100 is to reassure ratepayers that despite the potential disruption of transition, it is business as usual and the new council is getting on with it and not mucking around,” says the Mayor.

Under the Auckland Council legislation, the role and responsibility of the Mayor is to promote a vision for Auckland.

“These projects were selected from lists drawn up by the council as well as the mayoral office. They represent core council functions. Focusing the council and Aucklanders on our function and future provides the perfect platform to move into the Auckland Summit,” says Len Brown.

The Auckland Summit will be a day-long event to launch the Auckland Plan public consultation process, bringing together representatives from around Auckland to promote engagement in this regional blueprint.


  1. John Irving says:

    May I suggest Devonport promotes the completion of the walkway around North Head as an easy to do, pre-budgeted long overdue Len Brown 100 day project

  2. Alistair says:

    This is hilarious.

    What about just simple rope. Like a noose ?

  3. LB says:

    Why not make a new Mayoral Chain using parts of all the borough/districts Mayoral Chains using initiative and saving costs

  4. Bond says:

    Perhaps Devo’s contribution to the Mayoral Chain competition can be a design composed of crossed fingers, indicating the sad reality that Len Brown must have had these behind his back when he was talking about the Wharf.

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