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The source of inspiration for a famous song by The Cure

The source of inspiration for a famous song by The Cure

It’s Valentine’s Day, and our thoughts are turning  to love and romance. So the Speculady thought it would be a good time to ponder on what we truly love about this beautiful town of ours.

Speaking of which, for the romantics amongst you, the classic movie ‘Charade’ at the Vic is a must-see on the 14th at 8pm. As the review says ‘Never were two charming actors better displayed than Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade. A thriller, a comedy and a romance, this genre-spanning classic film from 1963 holds up beautifully, thanks to a clever plot, witty dialogue and irresistible stars romping through Paris’.

Another option for Valentine’s Day is  the rare opportunity to experience one of Germany’s finest ensembles. The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne is performing a diverse programme ranging from Vivaldi and his famous “Four Seasons” to J.S. Bach, Mozart, Händel and Tchaikovsky at Holy Trinity Church at 8pm. With the excellent soloist Tome Atanasov on the oboe, Michael Kibardin on the violin and the wonderful soprano voice of Sabine Könner, this will be the most exciting chamber concert this month. Information available on 445 0328 and tickets from the Parish Office or from the church one hour before the start of the concert.

So what do we love about Devo? Here is my Top Ten in no particular order apart from No 1 (not easily selected from the abundant possibilities…)

10. North Head. All of it, but especially round the east side where the islands and sea can be viewed without (almost) a single house or building in sight. A place to go and be alone, to think and reflect.

9. The Plunket Rooms. One of Devonport’s best kept secrets, the Plunket Rooms, gifted by the Ladies’ Bowling Club, provides a peaceful and extraordinarily child-friendly environment for Devonport’s new parents to relax, enjoy a coffee and let the kids steam around the playing field and playground knowing the childproof gates are securely locked. The Rooms hold a huge amount of information for new parents as well as housing the Plunket nurse and Community Karitane in addition to the Carseat and Rooms Co-ordinator. If you have young children and haven’t been there, drop in when you are passing, it’s a lovely refuge for the frazzled and the busy!

8. The ferry at sunset. Coming back to Devonport as the sun goes down, watching the sunset and seeing our little peninsula get closer. Heaven.

7. Devonport’s cafes. Everyone has their favourite, but we are blessed to have so many and varied outlets for our daily fix.

6. Ike’s. What the heck would we do without Ike’s for, well, just about everything? Art supplies, dress-ups, Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day – all are catered for. But my very favourite thing about Ike’s is Wanda. She must be the loveliest shop assistant ever with the happiest demeanor and the best smile!

5. Torpedo Bay Navy Museum. This is a great place to return to over and over again. Beautifully designed, atmosheric yet simply done, it’s a work of art.

4. The toadstools on the top of Mt Vic. How much more fun can a little kid have than running aound and jumping off toadstools while the adults take in the glorious view. A great place, just don’t jump in the little brick building kids, people smash bottles and go wees in there, yuck!

3. Mount Cambria. Another gorgeous secret. Mount Cambria is hidden behind Devonport kindy and is also accessible from Church St. We love it for picnics, kids’ bike riding, and frisbee competitions. And lots of shade.

2. Devonport Community House and the Depot Artspace. A wonderful hub for our town, the Community House is always at the centre of things, providing space for after-school programmes, activities of every sort, festivals, competitions, meetings and much more. I should include in this category the Devonport Community Co-ordinator, Maire Veith, whose tireless work ensures everyting runs smoothly. Right next door,the Depot Artspace provides a venue for new artists and musicians to display and practise at reasonable rates, and with lots of encouragement, under the kindly eye of co-ordinator Linda Blinko.

And the winner is…..

1. Top of the list by miles – Devonportians. In my experience, Devonport is the friendliest, warmest and most helpful community I have ever lived in. From my arrival as an immigrant in 1999 through many ups and downs of life, I have seen the community unfailingly support my family and many others in good times and bad. What a privilege it is to live in such a community-minded place. So Happy Valentines’ Day Devonport – we love you!

What are your favourite things about Devonport? Let us know if you agree with our assessment, or if we’ve left anything out. Email us on admin@speculator.co.nz.


  1. GB says:

    Hear hear Brenda, the Vic should have been in there ed, naughty lad, the ole girl has been around since 1912!..I would also have to say The Manuka, and of cos The Masonic, which has been around alot longer than anyone in Devonport at the moment. 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    The Vic has to be in there somewhere!

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