Dan’s Back: And This Time He Has A Chastity Belt

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 | 3 Comments

Good news! A new and improved Dan Carter has been knitted for the Extreme Knitting display on the wharf.

Readers may recall that national headlines were made when some oik nabbed Dan from his repose on the railing. Well, clearly the knitters have been stirred to action; not only is Dan back, he’s bigger and he’s padlocked!

As if that isn’t enough good news for one day, Elmo, who had one of his arms ripped off (who would do such a thing?!) id back to being, er, bi-poler.


  1. Boadicca says:

    Actually I meant skewered by his new chastity belt, which looks (like all such things I am sure) EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Just goes to show: chastity isn’t good for you. But you have given me an idea…Quick James, break out the chariot.

  2. SaraN says:

    Hmmm. The effigy of Dan Carter went missing. Did someone pinch it and stick pins in it? Would that explain his mystery injury in a training run?

  3. Boadicca says:

    Well, I guess Dan Carter can certainly enjoy lying about in the sun now. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to skewer the doll in QUITE that way… though it’s good to know the old magic still works. Perhaps our Devonport knitting coven could start on the rest of the team, so that those of us who have resisted being brainwashed don’t have to go on being bored to tears with the endless bloody rugby.

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