Dangerous Seal Sparks Injury Spate In Devonport

Posted by on May 10, 2011 | 5 Comments

It was only after he burst to the surface that Bob realised what the other sharks meant by "dangerous seal."

It was only after he burst to the surface that Bob realised what the other sharks had meant by "dangerous seal."

A spate of serious skate-boarding injuries in Glen Rd are the direct result of shoddy workmanship by the council contractors, according to Glen Rd resident Paul Jervis.

At the Devonport Borough Council meeting last night, Jervis related to the attendees how there had been two serious accidents involving skateboarders breaking their legs since the council contractors Fulton Hogan had re-sealed the road.

Jervis claimed the road had firstly been chip-sealed badly and then not rolled, leaving a significant amount of ship lying around on the footpaths. These had caused the skateboarders to crash as they came down the Glen Rd hill from Calliope Rd, both breaking their legs and requiring hospital treatment. “One of the boys will be in a wheelchair for months” said Jervis.

Other residents present claimed North Ave, Wairoa Rd and Mozeley Ave had all had recent similar experiences with chip sealing not being applied properly.

Councillors Mike Cohen and Dianne Hale agreed that the workmanship of the contractors had a patchy history, and would raise the issue with the ATA and council roading engineer; specifically,a)  should these roads being receiving chip seal (as opposed to tar seal) in the first place,b) is the job up to standard; c) if not, what should be done to fix it?

They committed to reporting back at the next borough council meeting.

Have you experienced similar problems in your street? Let us know at info@speculator.co.nz.

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  1. GB says:

    ed, sounds like we all need to air these grievances at the next Taka/Devonport board meeting, when is the next one btw??..and I think we should all meet there and let it rip!..How I miss the regular community board meetings, the public forums were always good for voicing, in Victoria rd upstairs there..Hmmm..

  2. Alistair says:

    Hastings Parade got swept yesterday morning …. at 645am when all the cars were on the road. Which was abit silly.

    But has the Speculator stirred the Council ??

  3. GB says:

    Were they skateboarding on the footpath or on the road??..Oooh and Albert Rd needs widening, has needed it for years..buses and cars fighting for space when approaching each other, it’s a sham that road! 🙂

  4. alistair says:

    Exactly the same in Hastings Parade. Same story – floors, carpets and cars wrecked by tar soaked chips. Nothing has happened to fix it for 3 years.

  5. Bridget says:

    Ewen Alison Ave too has had years of shoddy seal. I have phoned Actionline many times. In NSCC days they at least would come and throw a few shovels full of chip onto some tar. Not great, but better than current calls to Action line that have resulted in absolutely NOTHING. Does seem like Devonport has been well and truly forgotten. If they did one good job consistently (ie: better quality seal) it would last longer.

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