Cycle Counters On Lake Rd Installed

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The Sporkulator is a keen cyclist, although a lack of opposable thumbs has resulted in some unfortunate incidents

The Sporkulator is a keen cyclist, although a lack of opposable thumbs has resulted in some unfortunate incidents

A new hi-tech permanent cycle counter recently installed on Lake Road will assist future planning and help make cycling a more viable transport option.

The Lake Road cycle-counter is one of nine installed around the Auckland region to provide more definitive data about cyclists and their travel patterns.

Up until now, regional count data has been manually recorded at set times in the morning and evening and on set days to monitor the direction and location of cyclists including how many use the footpath.

The new hi-tech cycle-counters record data 24/7 whatever the time or weather, and easily distinguish bicycle wheels from other types of wheels as well as accurately count the number of bikes in a group.

North Shore City Council Group Manager Transport Strategy and Planning, Archer Davis, says the new counters will provide valuable information that will contribute to a more integrated approach to transport planning. They will also help identify where investment is needed to improve cycling infrastructure.

“Providing good quality infrastructure for all types of transport is important if we are serious about reducing congestion. This includes providing facilities that give people a safe and convenient travel alternative to driving their cars,” says Mr Davis.

The latest manual data from March 2010 showed that Lake Road was the busiest of 13 cycle count sites in North Shore City with 327 cycle movements per day – a 12 percent increase compared to 2009.

“The new technology will provide a more comprehensive picture of how many cyclists are using the road and when, and will also help us assess our programmes aimed at encouraging more people to cycle,” says Mr Davis.


  1. Local says:

    Hi Felicity. Those lane markings are only temporary. Lake Rd between Hauraki and Esmonde is not yet complete. Still needs final seal work which is scheduled for April 18 onwards (I believe) weather permitting! Bike lanes won’t be marked until the road is finished.

  2. Felicity says:

    Speaking of cycles, now that lanes seem to be marked on Lake Rd between Hauraki Corner and Esmonde Rd, are there going to be no cycle lanes along that stretch???

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