Crime Ripple Hits Devonport

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Over the past six weeks Police have noticed more activity amongst burglars venturing into the area of Hauraki corner through to Devonport.

Senior Sergeant Mark Fergus reported “Most of this activity is taking place during the day.  On average between 2 and 3 burglaries a week are occurring. Although lower than other suburbs, we are concerned to see any upward trend and seek community assistance in reporting suspicious activity.”

The Police are asking residents to report the following:

  • someone knocking on the door with an unusual request,
  • unknown vehicles parked in a neighbours property.
  • dodgy behaviour by suspicious looking people

Concerned residents should call 111 if they see this sort of behaviour. Fergus says “Even if you are not sure if it is important, let us decide the significance of the information, it could be a lead we desperately need.”

“The Hauraki, Bayswater, Devonport area has natural protection being a peninsula with only Lake Road as an exit, timely calls from the public will allow the police to take advantage of this geography.”

The Police also advise residents to lock their properties, use their alarms and make their homes appear occupied.

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