Complete List of Pre-RWC Works Planned For The Wharf

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The wharf on a good day. Who would think it could be so ugly on the inside?

The wharf on a good day. Who would think it could be so ugly on the inside?

The full list of works to be completed before RWC 2011:

Structural works:

  • Full replacement of the failed guttering
  • Replacement bracing of the all gutter downpipes
  • Replacement of the three lower level cross members
  • Replacement of the two upper level cross members
  • Some replacement of the more heavily damaged cladding

General repairs and maintenance:

  • Replacement of all internal broken tiles
  • Some internal painting to a number of the more aged walls
  • Painting of the central ventilation system
  • Internal wash down of ceiling and walls
  • Steam clean/deep clean  of central hallway, toilet corridors and all toilets and all public areas
  • Minor refurbishment to the existing toilets
  • Painting of the toilets and toilet corridors
  • Plaster repair to the walls and ceiling
  • Windows – repair seals and cleaning

Main Entrance:

  • Repair to the broken concrete pillar basses
  • Repair to the steel pillars
  • New painting of the front entrance
  • New lighting to the front entrance
  • New main entrance illuminated signage

Passenger waiting hall:

  • Replacement of seating with the new steel models
  • New ceiling lights
  • Repainting of walls and ceiling
  • Reworking of the open terrace area for public access

External Walkway:

  • New foot lights running from the berth down to the bus stop
  • Repairs to any timber
  • Repairs to handrails and repainting of handrails
  • Water blasting of the timber and concrete walkway
  • Removal of one rail section on the beach side to make it more open to beach access and placement of a step

External walkway Victoria wharf side:

  • Six new bulkhead lights

Victoria Wharf:

  • Removal of wharf deck timber hazards
  • Repairs to handrails
  • Water blasting of the wharf steps
  • Antislip threads on the wharf steps
  • Placement of handrail on the steps
  • Rail section to be placed around the steps area for safety
  • Repainting of all the handrails on the wharf
  • Possible replacement of the first three wharf lights

External Building:

  • Painting to the external of the building
  • Placement of some new seating along the walkway
  • Placement of planters along the walkway

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