Clarence St Upgrade Plans Out For Consultation

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Clarence St Upgrade PlansThe council’s plans for the upgrade of The Depot end of Clarence St are out, and residents can relay their comments to the council.

Leaflets can be picked up in many of the shops in the area, or The Speculator can send you an e copy if you are interested.

Below is the text from the leaflet, quoted verbatim.

Project Background and Purpose

“The upgrade will unlock the street’s potential by creating a larger civic space and widening the footpath as well as improving pedestrian crossings.

Clarence Street’s current car parking layout restricts public space, pedestrian safety and access for people walking to and from the shops or visiting the Devonport Community House and The Depot Artspace.

The community’s desire to make the street more pedestrian friendly and create a more interesting destination for people to visit and spend time in was also identified during the development of the Devonport Master Plan in 2006.

The council has set aside approximately $700,000 for the upgrade.

Proposed Improvements

Widening the footpath in front of the Devonport Community House and The Depot Artspace so the area can be used for community events such as gallery openings and markets.

Reconfiguration of exisiting parking outside the Devonport Community House and the Deport Artspace so the spaces are parallel to the kerb. This will result in two fewer car parks but make the path safer by creating a wider walkway which is free of parking and visual obstruction.

Extending the kerbs on the corner of Bartley Terrace and Clarence Street to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the entrance of Bartley Terrace.

Extending the kerbs on the corner of Wynyard Street, and Anne Street and Clarence Street to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road.

Enhancing Devonport’s historic characteristics with use of materials such as bluestone kerbs and asphalt.”


  1. Hamish says:

    The above proposal is a waste of time.
    A really meaningful change that could enhance the space outside the depot would be to remove those car parks from outside Caroline Sills. Look at those cars in the above picture. They are the problem here… not the public car parks in the surrounding area.

  2. JP says:

    Anne St should be made one way for traffic at the same time. Flow should go from Clarence St down to waterfront.

  3. GB says:

    It just needs to be left alone, nothing wrong with Clarence has character and a villagy feel bout it, sounds like the powers of be want to strip that away too!

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