Check His Credentials – And His Attitude

Posted by on Sep 01, 2011 | 2 Comments

Table_79 2011-09-01

The Speculator is slightly concerned about the authenticity and attitude of the guy collecting for charity outside Westpac. He is apparently collecting for NZ Women’s Rugby League, and can produce a letter that seems to state he has permission to sell tickets.

However, he doesn’t have a charity number and when the organisation mentioned on the letter was contacted, they seemed remarkably recalcitrant in giving any details or providing a charity number.

The man himself was also somewhat defensive when questioned, suggesting all may not be as it seems.

If you feel moved to donate to his cause, ask him for ID and check out his attitude – and then make up your mind for yourself.


  1. GB says:

    Is this the pest, you warned us about in another thread?? :)..and this dude is a pest!

  2. VPE says:

    I’ve always ignored him as I fail to see how Woman’s Rugby League is a worthy cause. It’s hardly cancer research, now is it?

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