Car Parks To Go In Revamp of Marine Square

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The new Auckland Council is doing little to allay local fears of it transforming into a large organisation with little intention to consult with residents on issues in which they have an interest.

Take the plans to revamp the ferry car park. An eagle-eyed resident spotted the resource consent application in the public notices section of the NZ Herald. We should all be grateful that some members of our community take such an active interest, otherwise The Speculator suspects no one would have heard of the application, let alone made a submission.

In addition;

– The notice allows little more than 2 weeks for residents to make submissions on the plans;

– The plans are not available for viewing in Devonport, but in the council offices in Takapuna;

– The URL listed in the notice for providing submissions on the application is wrong.

The Speculator has waded through the labyrinth that is the council website (after almost going insane from the number of times the smiling  face of Len Brown popped up) and provided the links below, should the reader feel moved to make a submission or read the application.

The proposal itself involves redesigning the pedestrian link between Devonport Township and the Devonport Wharf comprising works within the Coastal Marine Area (CMA) and on land adjoining the Devonport Wharf (R3 Queens Parade, Devonport).

The key components of the redevelopment are as follows;

  1. The redevelopment of Marine Square including the realignment of the pedestrian crossings;
  2. The removal of 11 trees, the relocation of three trees, works within the drip line of trees and landscaping involving the replanting of eight specimen grade trees;
  3. Changes to the car parking arrangement involving the loss of a total of 40 spaces, including 43 long term P24 hour spaces and 13 short term P180 spaces with the addition of a mobility space, three P5 spaces, 15 parallel spaces on Queens Parade, four bus parking bays, two taxi stands and motorcycle parking;

The Speculator believes it should be a compulsory part of the Devonport-Takapuna’s remit to announce or at least keep local residents informed of these kinds of proposals. Perhaps an agenda item which covers “planned local works” within its area of responsibility should be added.

Click here to see the resource consent application.

Click here to make a submission online, or here to download the form.

Submissions close on the 25th February.

Postscript: This activity has been mooted in the Devonport Master Plan for some time, which was established by the Devonport Master Plan Working Group. The Speculator has been trying to get hold of the master plan for some time, without success, although we understand it has now been released.

The new local board has trimmed the size of the working party substantially; not necessarily anything sinister in that as it will possibly  operate more efficiently, but clearly there is an issue with this group’s acitivities being communicated effectively to local residents.

There are three key areas to be addressed in the master plan;

– Marine Square and the connection to Devonport Wharf;

– Victoria Rd, including the edge of Windsor Reserve;

– Bartley Square including Clarence St and Fleet St

Postscript II: One of  The Speculator’s readers has been in touch with North Shore councillor, George Wood.  Apparently he was very concerned and intends to immediately contact the officer responsible and ask that a) plans be posted locally, and b) as an extension to the submission time should be considered.

Our intrepid reader also spoke to Roger Brittenden, who told her that, while the ‘Centre Plan’ has  been “meandering around” for years, none of the old board members had been informed that the consent had been actioned.  He didn’t believe the original proposal included anything like the loss of so many car parks.

The Speculator has also contacted Chairman Chris Darby, and is awaiting a response.

The Speculator believes this reader’s investigative acumen is deserving of a treat from Devonport Chocs.


  1. robert says:

    Dear Speccy,
    Your click heres are not working .Thanks for all your work .Next time I see you I will give you a choclate fish.

    Thanks for the comment young man. However, we just checked the links and all seem dandy. Is anyone else out there having a problem? – Ed

  2. Hamish says:

    I can’t see what’s wrong with the existing area and can’t work out why we need to waste any time or money on it.

  3. The Speculator says:

    This comment was received by The Speculator via email.

    Read everything on the revamp of Marine Square or to me Devonport Wharf area and do not see any need to change a thing. If people do not walk on the pedestrian crossing it is not because they are not linked – rather it is because they are a tad lazy. The raised parts should not be done as it is rather nonhazardous especially for sight impaired people or just ordinary people as if you are talking and walking you do not always watch where your feet are going

  4. Kevin says:

    Looks like they just made it more convenient to complete the whole journey in the car rather than use it just to get to the ferry.

  5. LB says:

    How can anyone have thought of taking away any car parkings, a lot of people come a long way to get the ferry to the city, and losing any of the 180P sites means everyone will have to try and walk – I cannot walk too far and there are no buses to where I live so I take the car to get to the city and home an hour or so later – everything should be left as is we do not need a revamp!!!!

  6. Len says:

    After skimming through the proposal it just shows how planners use data to justify a proposal. “When compared with the total parking provision of 200 spaces, it can be seen that under the ARC Coastal Plan parking requirements there is a total surplus of some 133 spaces.” This one statement does not take in the fact that every parking space is taken by commuters as well as most sides streets for a kilometre in each direction. Time planners and designers got our of their offices and saw what actually happens rather than using an outdated ARC Data to justify removal of car parking spaces.

  7. Len Cooper says:

    There should be no removal of car parking until the old wharf is brought up to standard and parking is allowed there like it used to be. that would alleviate some of the parking pressure.
    It appears, as usual, that Councils do things piece meal instead of looking at the big picture and doing things towards the big picture that has bee decided upon through consultation. It reminds me of the approach to Lake Road-just shift the congestion to Hauraki Corner so that we hope it will go away.

  8. Diane Hurford says:

    How can they take away car parks!! It is bad enough as it is. Plus 2 taxi stands???? – I don’t think I have ever seen a taxi at the ferry building? News to me they even came down this far.

  9. JL says:

    This proposal has been floating around for years as part of a revamp which I think is called ‘The Devonport Centre Plan’. or similar.
    However, I don’t think we were ever told we’d lose 40(yes -40!) parking spaces, and would be boarding over part of the beach!…..Local people really need to take an interest, and council needs to post a large copy of the plans RIGHT HERE, not in Takapuna…..Remember all those promises about a supercity not becoming remote from the community….well, bah humbug!

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