“Campbell Live” To Run Story on Calypso Cafe

Posted by on Jul 19, 2011 | 7 Comments

"How does it feel? How does it REALLY feel?"

"How does it feel? How does it REALLY feel?"

Calypso owners Michael and Anne Wang are to be featured on Campbell Live, as a result of The Devonport Speculator’s article on their ongoing travails with landlord and neighbours.

The Speculator is seeking confirmation of the viewing time, as this can change at the last minute.

We are not entirely happy with Campbell Live featuring the story, as we believe it is a story really only relevant to the community of Devonport, and given it does not represent a national issue of any description, does not warrant national exposure.

Moreover, having had the misfortune of witnessing John Campbell’s appalling journalistic ethics revealed during his “interview” of Ken Ring, The Speculator has little faith that the story will be little more than a salacious expose of what is really a local matter. However, Mihingarangi Forbes, recently renowned for her interview with Alasdair Thompson, is leading the story.

One might think of far more import to the NZ public are the increasingly far-reaching implications of the phone hacking scandal in the UK, President Obama’s battle with the extreme and apparently insane Republican right in the US to avoid a public debt default, or the apparent plans Israeli madman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to attack Iran before the end of the year.

Nevertheless, while it might be compared to using a power station to charge a mobile phone, as a result of the programme perhaps someone somewhere will be able to provide some assistance to the Wangs with regard to identifying a viable location for their business.

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  1. GB says:

    Great that Campbell live is getting onto it ed and exposing certain things and bringing it out in the public arena more! :)..btw, I talked to Michael yeste inside Calypso, jus to confirm certain things..and I see Zest has a table out in the half circle there, but its only one table, so….

  2. VPE says:

    I agree Prue. That is certainly a bigger issue than some poorly bred loud-mouth’s dummy-spitting antics.

    Doesn’t precedent mean anything? That space has been the sole domain of the businesses that have occupied the Calypso space as far back as I can remember, which is the early 80s when it was the Windsor Tearooms. The whole issue stinks of corruption or, dare I say it collusion.

  3. Prue says:

    I guess the major point of relevance to everyone in business in this fair city, would have to be how the council officers have allegedly handled this affair. If you own a cafe in Ponsonby, you’d be mighty interested in knowing the council can change your outdoor seating permit the way it was allegedly done in Devo. It could really affect business big time if your competitor could take half your seating on council property away- it IS a big issue.

  4. Fliss says:

    Hi Ed – what I meant was that your article has obviously got the public (i.e. your readers) discussing the episode with PC and this has incited some of them to talk about a boycott of Zest. (And frankly it hasn’t brought out the best in some of them.) It appears to me that PC may have lost her temper – and we don’t know the full story here – and of course people do that from time to time…. This has now led to Campbell Live taking it up. Your article above implies that you regret this. I can see why.

    Fliss – a fair summary, although I would take issue with your assessment that PC “may have lost her temper.” She unquestionably did, and it was part of a pattern of perceived intimidation, as described in the article. That was the issue and the reason behind the article, for which we have NO regrets about publishing.

    Our unease relates more to the motivations behind a national news organisation in taking up the story. The world must be a very uneventful place for them to consider giving such a locally-specific story air time, unless of course, they have detected a national trend for small businesses to be targeted by their landlords and neighbours. – Ed

  5. Gordon says:

    Good on you Spec. The story was created but the actions of both the council and the owner of Zest. The regret is theirs to share. The Speculator did nothing more than bring it to our attention.

  6. Fliss says:

    You don’t think your article may have been directly responsible for this turn of events? Are you perhaps regretting inciting the public?

    Fliss; The article was undoubtedly responsible for this turn of events. Who exactly are “the public” you are referring to and what have they been “incited” to do? – Ed

  7. john cooper says:

    an article on why so many tenants are either leaving their longtime premises moving out or to less desirable locations would be of more concern and interest to devonport shoppers and citizens ..we don’t want to emulate queen street with any more food outlets thank you .. bring back the Farmers, Vince Roberts, the Dresser, so we don’t have to join the traffic horror for basic household needs.

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