Calypso’s Council Conniptions Concluded

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Taking it all in stride: Michael Wang

Taking it all in stride: Michael Wang

The Calypso story has petered to a conclusion, with the Council eventually providing owners Michael and Anne Wang with a written explanation of their decision to alter the terms of the previous contract they had agreed with Calypso, and Michael Wang deciding further action was not worth pursuing.

The council’s letter states the original application makes it clear that the Council  is able to alter the terms of the agreement as it sees fit, which in this case, was to allow Calypso’s neighbour Zest to share some of the table space. Calypso have been refunded a small amount of their original application fee as compensation, although Michael stated they would preferred to have kept the additional tables until the expiration of the Council consent.

Board chair Chris Darby told The Speculator that he had communicated to council officials his disappointment regarding their treatment of the Wangs; in particular the fact that the council had produced an immediate response to Campbell Live’s request for clarification of the its position, but had failed (until last week) to provide any form of communication to the Wangs.

However, Michael Wang was philosophical. “We have decided to focus on the future” Michael said “with the Rugby World Cup providing us with the opportunity to leave Devonport with some money in the bank.”

Michael Wang said he had heard nothing from his landlord Andrew Steele or his neighbour Pauline Colmar since the unpleasant confrontation with her a few weeks ago. “We’re just going to focus on the business for the duration of our tenancy, and try and offer as good a service as we can to as many customers as we can, until the last day.”

Michael and Anne were delighted with the level of support they had received from the Devonport community since the incident. “The Devonport people have been fantastic. We have had so much support and so much custom in the last weeks. We are very grateful to those people who  have gone out of their way to support us.”

Michael and Anne will be leaving their current premises when their lease expires at the end of July next year, at which point it will be taken over by Pauline Colmar’s Zest venture.

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