Calls For Review Of Council Consent Process

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The Masonic Tavern

The Masonic Tavern

A move to investigate the secrecy and methods of the Auckland Council’s planning offices has been launched by two nationally accredited heritage authorities in the wake of last month’s St Heliers homes demolition.

In a story similar to that currently involving Devonport’s Masonic Tavern, a developer was given permission by the council to demolish a number of historically significant buildings in Turua St,  St Heliers.

Heritage experts Hamish Keith and Peter Macky have asked auditor general Lyn Provost’s office to outline the requirement for a full-scale review of the Auckland council’s failed heritage protection policies.

They have also asked Auckland mayor Len Brown to immediately conduct a non-partisan, independent and transparent review of the council’s heritage management and protection.

Read the full article from the NBR here.

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