Brooke’s Bond Shifts To Wellington

Posted by on Feb 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

Brooke from Santini's

In news that will cause lamentation, angst and misery amongst Devonport’s connoisseur coffee drinkers, The Speculator must announce the imminent departure of barista extraordinaire Brooke from the popular coffee house Santini’s.

Brooke, a fully qualified lawyer who graduated from the University of Otago last year, has been keeping an eye out for the role that suited her skills. That role has eventuated in Wellington, with The Ministry of Transport.

Brooke has been instrumental in the success of Wynyard St’s Santini’s, with her encyclopedic memory for coffee orders, ready smile and excellent barista skills proving to be a major draw card. The Speculator has noted that despite its size, Santini’s has received more votes and positive comments than any other cafe in its coffee survey.

Owner of Santini’s Alessandro could not be reached for comment, although The Speculator was fairly sure he was the source of the teeth-gnashing type sound that could be heard in the alleyway next to the popular coffee spot.

This Thursday is Brooke’s last day, so don’t forget to wish her all the best.

The Speculator accepts that its journalistic skills are modest, but the reader will undoubtedly be impressed by its mastery of the poetic form. As a small sample of this ocean of talent, The Speculator modestly proffers a poetic tribute to Brooke The Barista Bonita.

Brooke your coffee was great
But now you’re off to litigate
bad drivers
Your flat whites will be missed
Alessandro’s will be dissed
by your unforgiving fans
who will no longer pull up to Santini’s in their cars and vans
because you might send them a parking ticket

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  1. Wellygoggles says:

    Brooke is a lovely lass who makes a mean coffee and is always ready to laugh. Me and the other doggy gals (no the dogs don’t drink coffee, just the water supplied by Brooke) will sorely miss her.

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