Brittenden On Wharf Progress: Credit Also Due To The DBC

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Local figure Roger Brittenden shares his thoughts on the recent progress with the Devonport Wharf.

Roger Brittenden

Roger Brittenden

The council is to be congratulated for moving as quickly as they have to instigate a refurbishment of the Devonport Wharf. They have done in a few months what the North Shore City Council spent years just talking about.

If, as the Press Release states, that it was in collaboration with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, they too need to be congratulated.

However, I also believe the Devonport Borough Council can pat themselves on the back and take some credit for making this all happen.  The DBC has been relentless in pursuit of the Mayor’s Office to make improvements to the wharf, and in particular, clean up the toilets. They knew we weren’t going to go away nor take patsy answers.

I think this is a case of two voices shouting louder than one.

The council have yet to answer the request to have a cleaner stationed permanently in Devonport during the RWC so we are still hounding them on that. But it makes so much sense I am sure it will happen.

The only other concern, remembering this work is only a refurbishment and not an upgrade, is do the toilets have the capacity to deal with the demand during the RWC?

Roger Brittenden is Resident for Life of The Devonport Borough Council (In Waiting).

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