Board Chairman Apologies for Lake Rd Chaos

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Lake Rd rush hour, circa 1920s

Lake Rd rush hour, circa 1920s

Devonport-Takapuna Board Chair Chris Darby tonight apologised for the severe disruption to traffic flows on Lake Rd last week. Darby described the incident as  “an absolute embarrassment.”

“There was no contingency plan. There was no communication plan. It was an absolute embarrassment. On behalf of the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, I would like to apologise to all those North Shore commuters, residents and businesses that were affected.”

The trouble began just after midnight Thursday, when an unmarked water main was ruptured by heavy machinery. Because the main was unmarked, it took much longer than normal to identify, isolate and fix the problem – five hours elapsed before water main repair was completed.

This in turn delayed the scheduled concrete laying, which in turn pushed out the period required for the concrete to set. By 6:30am, as the rush hour kicked off, the work had still not been completed. What further enraged affected commuters was the fact that as they crawled past the site, there appeared to be no work taking place. As council rep Marilyn Nicholls explained, this was because  work had to stop while the freshly laid concrete set.

While “extremely disappointed” with Auckland Transport, the Board acknowledged that the council had acted quickly to improve communications channels with board members and media, and that subsequent meetings with the contractors demonstrated they acknowledged they had got it wrong.

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