Bail-out Gail Fund Gets To First $100

Posted by on Nov 01, 2011 | 2 Comments

Table_15 2011-11-01

The bail-out Gail fund has tipped over $100. Please keep those donations coming as we still have a way to go yet!

Instructions on how to donate are here.


  1. Kiwi Bill says:

    Will chip in a contribution as well. Maybe Gail’s lawyer who is probably a friendly local could have another look at his/her fees.

    It is always so soul destroying in the voluntary heritage sector where people put in huge amounts of time into research,advocacy and bureaucracy battling to ensure Devonport’s unique way of life continues at considerable personal cost in time and money to have to come up with very high professional legal costs as well.

    Just ask the Masonic Friendly Society and Devonport Heritage folk.

  2. Ruth says:

    Happy to contribute.
    Has Harcourts made any offer?
    Did you notice that the major spread in the Sunday Star Times in the property section was an article promoting the sale of the church and bypassing or overlooking any limitations that the “discerning” buyer might need to know. Clever, but misleading, Harcourts!

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