Attack On Local Restaurant “Saves Life” Of Assailant

Posted by on Feb 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

Platters broken window

A drug-fuelled attack on the front window of Platters Restaurant may have inadvertently saved the life of the assailant.

A 25 year old man is in hospital in a serious condition after first punching and then kicking one of the main windows at Platters, [after leaving the Masonic’s Food and Wine Festival party just down the road.] Editor’s Note: The Masonic has stated that the guy was actually refused entry to their party, and had initially come from the direction of Devonport.

The man, was later discovered to have consumed at least 5 Ecstasy pills on top of a substantial amount of alcohol which police believe would have killed him had he not brought attention to himself with his destructive behaviour.

After smashing the window with his foot the man was quickly subdued by the owners of the restaurant who then attracted the attention of nearby police. The police soon recognised the serious state the man was in and after arresting him, immediately took him to a nearby ambulance, where he was given oxygen before being taken to hospital where he had his stomach pumped.

The owners of Platters said the man was clearly in a very bad way, as he staggered down the footpath while making several attempts to  break their windows before being subdued.

“He was incredibly lucky. He put his foot through the glass, somehow without cutting himself. Then a huge sliver of glass that appeared after the impact somehow remained attached to the rest of the pane. If  that had come down on his leg he would have been in serious trouble” the witness said.

Platter’s staff were impressed by the attitude of the police. “They were incredibly helpful. They rang the emergency glazier for us and kept us informed as to the status of the guy, who at one point, they thought was possibly going to die.”

The identity of the man has yet to be confirmed.


  1. graeme says:

    this guy was refused entry at the masonic by our security.he came from the direction of central devonport.he did not get into the masonic.

  2. Boadicca says:

    Yet another waterfront window sacrificed to that tiresomely testosterone-laden god Bacchus. What IS it with drunken ‘louths’ and big windows? I surmise they cannot bear to see their own reflections – and who can blame them…

    A prescient and entertaining comment on the state of the modern louth, young lady – Ed

  3. Gavin Busch says:

    Just wanted to clarify that the Masonic ‘Summer Sounds’ event has no assoctiation with the Kia Motors Devonport Food, Wine & Music Festival.

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