As Baldrick’s Poem Read: “Boom Boom Boom!”

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A fantastic fireworks display was put on to welcome in the New Year, and a thousand-odd people lined the Devonport waterfront all the way down to Stanley Bay to watch it.

The Speculator conducted a brief “recci” around Devonport at 10:00pm and was a little surprised to find the eastern side largely deserted, with nothing but a lone child dashing about with what looked like a light sabre on Cheltenham Beach.

The village was largely packed with The Patriot, Corellis, Didas, Monsoon and a couple of others doing well, although there was a large black, silent hole where Manuka normally is.

However, the bulk of the action was on the waterfront, where every single car park was taken (with the exception of the disabled parks) in the ferry parking area all the way up to the naval base.

The fireworks didn’t disappoint; a simultaneous display from the Sky Tower and the barges anchored in the harbour that lasted about eight minutes was excellent, with the crowd particularly enjoying the red, heart-shaped explosions.

The display reminded The Speculator of Baldrick’s prescient poem from the “Blackadder Goes Forth” series, set in WWI, which he wrote about the war. The poem went something like:

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

The ever reliable Goina provided some excellent photos almost immediately;  see our gallery below.

The following links will also get you to videos of the Auckland event; one taken from North Head, and the other looks to be Stanley Point. Thanks to Liz Gordon for the heads up!

And somewhat fittingly, as The Speculator writes this article on the back porch, somewhere over the back fence, the sound of someone’s oesophagus conducting violent anti peristalsis can be heard.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Buffy says:

    Without wishing to be pendantic, I believe the poem was:

    Baldrick: BOOM BOOM BOOM
    Capt. Blackadder: Boom, boom, boom?

    An extraordinary piece of poetry, underappreciated I fear.

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