Art By The Sea Incident – Update

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The wheels of justice have ground slowly in relation to the trial for the young chap who allegedly drove drunk and at high speed into local art gallery Art By The Sea last year.

However, his trial date has now been set for 18th July, at the North Shore District Court.


  1. Bond says:

    Dear Dr Speck,

    Precision does not equate to solipsism. It is perfectly reasonable (and I am always perfectly reasonable, even when knitting) to separate (a) a legal process that quite rightly presumes innocence until an alleged miscreant is proven guilty from (b) the free choice said miscreant has to stand up and admit guilt, thus taking responsibility for his/her actions – a key piece of individual agency which your fuzzy argument elides.

    Shoot first and ask questions later? No no, that would not give sufficient time for snappy dialogue leading (hopefully) to semi-original sins.

  2. Bond says:

    Now Dr Speck,

    While I would not wish beSMERSCH your good name, I beg to differ. The presumption of innocence (which is indeed a human right as well as a basic tenet of law) is quite different from a plea of ‘not guilty’. Conflating them is fuzzy and misleading. I am more inclined to agree with you that binge drinking is a societal problem, education about which should be largely seen as a parental responsibility. But (a) the Navy is in loco parentis to a lot of very young people, and (b) it is all very well to say they are trying to promote ‘good choices’ (presumably a restrained number of martinis), but this effort is heavily counterbalanced by an institutional culture that valorises excessive alcohol use. A good analogy would be the futility of a few advertisements against speeding in the face of the constant stream of advertisements which glamorise fast cars and aggressive driving… Oops, there goes the Aston Martin.
    As for ‘original sin’. I like to think that all of mine are highly original.

    Mr Bond: I think we can agree your sins have been voluminous, if not always entirely original. And it is true I can be fuzzy, certainly in the mornings, but normally no later than 11:30am.

    But your division of the assumption of innocence from a plea of guilty is an argument beached on the unnavigable coastline of solipsism. One cannot be fairly proven guilty unless one is initially presumed innocent. And a presumption of innocence must include the option of a not guilty plea, because the future outcome of the trial cannot be known in advance. Ergo, to attempt such a bifurcation is to render one’s argument solipsistic.

    Surely, it would be much easier if you just stuck to your knitting, shot first and asked questions later. – Ed

  3. Bond says:

    And he’s pleading ‘not guilty’ apparently – or at least he did at his arraignment. How does that work? ‘The navy cadets held my nose and poured alcohol down my throat, then forced me, at gunpoint, to drive down the road at 100kph’. Or ‘Since the lobotomy I have found it very difficult to steer straight’. Or could it be ‘The Navy encourages a macho drinking culture that requires me to be a sot – I was just trying to live up to expectations’. Seems like the Navy also fails to set a good example in taking responsibility: what has it done to assist the gallery since this incident?
    003 (licenced to kick)

    Now, Mr Bond, be reasonable. Innocence (until proven guilty) is one thing of supreme value with which we are all born (notwithstanding issues of original sin of course), which we have no right to remove from others until the justice process has been completed.

    Regarding the navy; how many employers – let alone parents – provide alcohol and drug education courses for their charges? The Navy makes considerably more effort than most to teach their juniors about “making good choices” as they call it. Binge drinking is a societal problem; ironically the Navy is actually trying to protect its staff from a broader issue which more directly sits within the responsibility of parents and less directly with the media. If my kids had to learn about the dangers of alcohol from their employer, I would have failed as a parent to provide them with proper guidance. Methinks. – Ed

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